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All in One Bag Sale price329,00€ Regular price549,00€
Bag Handle
Bag Handle Sale price49,00€
Beutel Raw
Beutel Raw Sale price369,00€
Box Bag
Box Bag Sale price369,00€
Bucket Bag small
Bucket Bag small Sale price369,00€
Business Bag
Business Bag Sale price449,00€
Business Bag Travel
Business Bag Travel Sale price459,00€
Cardholder Purse
Cardholder Purse Sale price69,00€
Carry Bag L
Carry Bag L Sale price449,00€
Carry Bag M
Carry Bag M Sale priceFrom 199,00€
Carry Bag M Pastell
Carry Bag M Pastell Sale price199,00€ Regular price339,00€
Carry Bag S
Carry Bag S Sale priceFrom 125,00€
Carry Bag S Pastell
Carry Bag S Pastell Sale price125,00€ Regular price209,00€
Change Bag
Change Bag Sale price119,00€
City Bag schwarz
City Bag Sale price419,00€
City Bag Mini
City Bag Mini Sale price339,00€
City Bag Pastell
City Bag Pastell Sale price249,00€ Regular price419,00€
City Bag Plus
City Bag Plus Sale price489,00€
Crossbody Bag schwarz
Crossbody bag Sale price359,00€
Daily Bag schwarz
Daily Bag Sale price259,00€
Easy Groß schwarz
Easy large Sale price33,00€
Easy klein black
Easy small Sale price29,00€
Flap Bag
Flap Bag Sale price159,00€
Giftcard Sale priceFrom 25,00€