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Cardholder Purse
Cardholder Purse Sale price69,00€
Change Bag
Change Bag Sale price119,00€
City Bag schwarz
City Bag Sale price419,00€
Crossbody Bag schwarz
Crossbody bag Sale price359,00€
Flap Bag
Flap Bag Sale price159,00€
Jewellery Case schwarz
Jewellery Case Sale price109,00€
Key Wallet
Key Wallet Sale price49,00€
Cosmetic Bag large
Cosmetic Bag large Sale price99,00€
Cosmetic Bag small
Cosmetic Bag small Sale price79,00€
Kreditkarten Etui
Credit Card case Sale price49,00€
Kulturtasche groß schwarz
Toilet bag large Sale price119,00€
Kulturtasche klein schwarz
Toilet bag small Sale price99,00€
Wash bag XL
Wash bag XL Sale price199,00€
Laptop Bag Sale price429,00€
Little Case
Little Case Sale price63,00€
Missy schwarz
Missy Bag Sale price189,00€
Pencil Case
Pencil Case Sale price85,00€
Portemonnaie Business
Portemonnaie Business Sale price219,00€
Portemonnaie Classic
Portemonnaie Classic Sale price155,00€
Portemonnaie Medi
Portemonnaie Medi Sale price65,00€
Portemonnaie Mini
Portemonnaie Mini Sale price35,00€
Ring Box
Ring Box Sale price79,00€
Smart Bag schwarz
Smart Bag Sale priceFrom 59,00€
Shoulder Strap schwarz
Strap Sale price105,00€